Servicii inovare

Innovation services offered to companies to foster trans-national cooperation
  • Mentoring and coaching for growth
  • Innovation management
  • Innovation audits (Knowledge transfer)
  • Technology audits (Technology transfer)
  • Access to funding and innovation financing
  • Intense IPR Advice, Introduction to IP advice,
  • Introduction to IP advice
Advice on EU law and standards
  • Mentoring of young entrepreneurs and "innovation staff" in companies
  • Start-ups and spin-offs creation
  • Accelerated uptake of IT/e-business
  • Consultancy for Quality Assurance, Standards, Product’s certification
Collaborative Research
  • HORIZON 2020
  • European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) / Structural Funds
  • European Social Fund (ESF)
  • Others Programmes (cross-border, IMI, COST, SEEE, bilateral, Erasmus+, Leonardo, Personal Formation, etc)
Consulting on National / Regional / EU Funding for Innovation
  • The Enterprise Europe Network is not a funding source. However, we can provide information on the type of funding available including synergies and advice on how to access these funds.
Synergy with complementaries services: business plan, cost-benefit analyse, fezability study, etc
Financing new ideas, innovation, research and development, inventions
Promotion of the services, funds, grunt oportunities
Relationships with partners: Banks, Venture Capital, Business Angels, national / regional financing funds /grants
New Products and Technologies
  • Technical co-operation
Technological development, new product /process development
  • Licencing
  • IPR / patents
  • Branding
  • Transfer of know-how
Meet potential partners & Events
Events organisation and participation, brokerage events, B2B, Conferences, Workshops, Forum, etc
Training services
  • Entrepreunerial formation
  • Trainings for regional innovation service providers
  • Trainings for companies
  • Leadership
  • Mentoring
  • Broker of Technologies
  • Manager of Innovation
  • Quality Assurance
Enhanced collaboration with other 'innovation support services providers'
  • Start-ups, spin-offs
  • Incubators and Technology Parks
  • Cluster and Pol of Competitivness organisations
  • Research laboratories and Universities
  • Sector based business association
  • Public Authorities (National, Regional, Local level) and Regional Developent Agency
  • IP experts
  • Innovation funding institutions
  • Experts in innovation management
Provides information services
  • Profiles from regional innovation service providers
  • Other innovation service providers that sign up
  • Provide Newsletters and bulletins, news, events, EU policies, Call For Tender / Proposals  / Applications / Fundings / Awards, partner search, innovation support tools and good practices
  • Enquires from other innovation service providers answered
  • European Information - Are you facing problems doing business in another EU country? Do you find it difficult to comply with EU law? Acting as a first point of enquiry for businesses to provide information on European legislation, policies, funding, market opportunities and public procurement.
  • European Information Service - We are the first stop shop for European information. Our information service offers free and easy access to the knowledge of our extensive network
  • Your Voice in Europe - Providing a means to getting your voice and concerns heard in Europe and information about consultative processes from the European institutions.